Health and medical translation services need precision and skills. Only specialist translators, highly specialized in the medical and healthcare industry, can provide medical translation services. In medical translation, it is vital to properly convey the translated data since the medical content contains a number of complex wording.

Even some of the disciplines within the translations are the LST crucial to human life, and that’s why there is no chance for any mistake or careless behaviour. Hence, a highly experienced medical translator is a must for such a complex industry as medicines and health care. At Legal Service Translation, our medical translators seriously follow the sensitive nature of your medical work. At LST, we also make sure that our security policies are highly committed to retaining your medical data undercover and ensuring your safety.

Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare industries rely on the subject specialists for the highly critical and complex medical translations. LST understands that these medical documents are very sensitive, and there are repetitive updates in those documents throughout the year, as suggested by the regulatory authority.

At Legal Service Translation, we got the expertise and experience to provide the best professional standard medical translation service. We have hired a specialized team with a medical and scientific background, ensuring that the translated data complies with applicable rules and regulations of medical authorities.

In addition, our in-house technology ensures that your data is secure. At the same time, all terminology is correct, and your content is specific to your target area.

Some of the Medical Document Types We Specialize In

  1. Regulatory Correspondence
  2. FDA Prescribing Information
  3. Medical Document Translation
  4. Pharmaceutical Translation Services
  5. Quality Review Documents (QRD)
  6. Medical Labeling
  7. Patient Prescribing Information
  8. Common Technical Documents (CTDS)
  9. Medical Validation Documents
  10. Package Information Leaflets (PILs)
  11. Healthcare Translation Services
  12. Instructions For Uses (IFUs)
  13. Summary Of Medical Product

Why Legal Service Translation?

  • We have hired Specialized Medical Translators.
  • According to the International Regulatory Authority, our Linguistic Teams are skilled in the subject matter.
  • LST can provide built-in proprietary technology for 100% accurate medical translation
  • We have an in-house team of native and bilingual medical editors and translators.
  • Our dedicated customer support team is 24/7 available to provide actual customer experience and support to our clients.

So, contact us today for high quality medical translation services!