Witness Statement Translation

What is witness statement translation?

Witness statement translation is necessary when the people need to give evidence in a different country but does not speak their native language well to explain themself as well as they could in their own language.

An observer should have firsthand knowledge of the problems in the case or be an expert on the subject. The defendants to the court are frequent witnesses in their cases and must submit a witness statement in a different language.

Legal Service Translation LST can help you record your witness in a different language with great ease. So, contact us today if you face such an issue in the courtroom.

How we together a witness statement:

Our expert LST witness translators include the following information when preparing the witness statement from one language to another:

  •   Complete name, complete address, employment, and phone number.
  •  We present the evidence in a logical order.
  •  If you refer to documents in your statement, we attach labels.
  •  Your signature & exact date
  •  We add numbers to pages and paragraphs for the exact procedure.

Each party should think about who needs to give a witness statement. This includes determining what has to be shown in the matter and reacting to any issues highlighted by the opposing party.

It helps our translators to proceed with the translation more efficiently!

How we give evidence in court:

At a hearing:

  • We took the oath or confirmed that the information they are about to present is genuine and correct

as delivered by the witness.

  • We prefer to know the story of both sides.
  • we aim to stay focused on the case


Witness statements should include:

  •   Be recorded to make sure that the events are still fresh in the eyewitness’ mind and that they hadn’t spoken to anyone else witnesses who may have a different remembering of the occurrences.
  •   Be in the witness’ language – witnesses can be called into court and questioned about their statements.

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