Translation Services

Legal Service Translation (LST) provides translation services along with proofreading and website translations at the best price possible. We carefully understand the demands of the customers to provide them with quality work. We have a team of language experts for the German, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Chinese, and French translation to English and vise versa.

We first translate the documents then we further proofread them to deliver outstanding outcomes. Moreover, each translation comes with a signed and stamped statement of truth.

Translation Services

Our Translating Services include:

Legal Translation

All the legal documents such as contracts, treaties, statutes fall under this category. These legal translation services need specific understanding to carry out the tasks as they use a lot of legal terminologies. Legal Service Translation (LST) works as a certified legal translator with professionals and highly skilled personals to provide translation services for French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Korean, and all other languages.

Commercial Translation

This term is used for commercial translations of documents such as correspondence, company accounts, tender, reports, etc into various languages according to the demand of our clients. These professional translations are done by experts who are familiar with the terminologies of the business.

Medical Translation

Medical translation services refer to the translations of medical reports, prescriptions, health manuals, and medical books. These certified translations are done with precision by our professional medical translators from one language to the other because any error will have grave consequences.

Administrative Translation

The administrative translation is a vast term, but it is mainly related to the context of texts used in business management in the translating domain. Moreover, they can be elaborate on the texts used by the governing body.

Computer Translation

These translations are not computer-assisted. They refer to the translations related to software, manuals, help files, etc from Dutch, Korean, French language to English and vice versa. Legal Service Translation has a team of well-experienced translators for computer translation services to deal with every complex situation.

Economic Translation

The documents related to the field of economics fall under this category. These types of translations are academic and use full depth knowledge of economic terminologies to avoid confusion. Highly skilled professionals are needed for French translation to English, English translation to French, and all other categories.

Financial Translation

These are more financial in terms of nature. Anything related to the banking and stock market is related to financial translations. They are usually financial reports and documents.

General Translation

Simple translations are called general translations. Such documents are easy and can be readily understood by a layman. Most of the language translations fall under this category.

Literary Translation

Translating literary works such as plays, novels, and poems is known as literary translation. The fundamental difficulty with these works is that you must translate the meaning while simultaneously considering the author’s literary style.

Our innovative literacy translators recreate the same effect that the actual message produced on its readers. Other difficulties include subtleties such as cultural senses, meanings, emotions, and the text’s social, historical, and political context. These nuances are complicated to portray and may be regarded as untranslatable. So, call us today to get the solution of all these hurdles!

Technical Translation

Companies must have technical documentation to conform to domestic and international requirements. In this day and age, technical translation refers to a wide range of text kinds, including copyrights, instructions, user guides, tender documentation, catalogs, technical drawings, and Material Safety Data.

Because of the wide variety of text forms, technical translation is required in practically every area, from engineering and architecture to biological sciences and pharmaceuticals. This diversity of subject categories makes facilitating translation difficult, as each has its specialized language. Our LST translators have a thorough awareness of how professional texts are written and their nature and legal requirements.

LST is offering all this in a cost-effective package. So, call us today at 0800 398 8506 / 0161 2035696! Or write us at:,