Translation Services

A certificate of ownership of housing , land, car or other property can be obtained from the relevant state bodies of the Republic of Belarus at the request of the owner. With a title deed, you can prove your ownership of the property.

Translation of the certificate of ownership is required when solving various issues with documentation in which other states are involved, and simply when traveling abroad.

Translation of the certificate of ownership

Translation of the certificate of ownership is required:

  • For processing documents for obtaining a visa. In this case, the translation of the certificate is necessary to confirm that the owner of the property will return to his home country.
  • To resolve various issues related to business or business partners.
  • At the request of a foreign state when resolving judicial issues.

To avoid problems, the translation is carried out by highly qualified specialists within one to two business days. If necessary, our agency can also notarize the translation.


The most demanded service in this industry is the translation of the certificate of registration of ownership into English. Documents of this type without fail go through all stages of legalization or apostille, the control of which we fully undertake, thereby saving your time and money.

Translation of the certificate of ownership into English  is required when applying for visas of almost any type. This is necessary for entering the UK, as well as other countries of the Schengen zone (with some exceptions, which our highly qualified specialists will advise you about), the USA, Australia and a number of other countries of the world for the purpose of registration of an inheritance, financial and economic activities, employment under a contract, as well as registration/re-registration of property rights.

To calculate, for example, the cost of transferring a certificate of ownership for an apartment, you just need to consult with our specialists. It should be noted that the price of a document may depend on its structure, specific regional requirements for registration, as well as the volume, which is determined by the number of owners. The prices for our services are very democratic – we work quickly and with maximum efficiency.


If I need to submit a certificate to the British Embassy, ​​can you translate everything so that my documents are accepted there?
We are often ordered to translate documents for the British Embassy, ​​which have been successfully accepted there for 10 years.

Can I make the translation myself and then notarize it?
A notary can only certify a translation by a translator entered in the register. Therefore, if you need notarization, you cannot translate yourself.

When do I need to certify the translation of the certificate of ownership by a notary?
You need to specify this information at the place of presentation of the document. Sometimes the translator’s signature or bureau’s stamp is enough.