Translation of Income Statement

From Legal Service Translation (LST) agency you can order the translation of any personal documents; if necessary, the employees of the bureau will translate the certificate of income and the certificate of non-conviction, other certificates and extracts.

A trip abroad related to business or personal issues often involves the translation of a number of documents, the list of which is determined by the purpose of your stay abroad. So, for admission to a university or employment, a notarized translation of a diploma and / or certificate of secondary education is required, for obtaining a residence permit – a birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. You may also need a professional translation  of the income statement if, for example, you have your own business abroad, decide to open a bank account, purchase real estate with a mortgage or take out a loan to develop your own business. Solvency is a key factor in assessing the possibility of lending, and employees of foreign financial institutions (for example, Germany) are extremely strict about confirming the financial solvency of foreigners and our compatriots in particular.

Translation of Income Statement

We are ready to help you in this matter by promptly and professionally translating income statements and other documents, the availability of which will allow you to carry out financial transactions and purchase real estate abroad. 

Translation of Certified with Notarial Certification

When obtaining a Schengen visa, embassies require a certificate of employment not only in UK, but also in a foreign language. Where else if not to the financial service of the company, the employee will come for such a document. So that in this case you do not have to turn to professional translators and not spend money on them, we provide a sample certificate in English.

Why English?  As a rule, a tourist has a choice: to submit a certificate in the state language of the country of travel or in English – there is no difference for the embassy. The second option is the most common.

In a foreign certificate, almost everything is the same as in a regular one: the position of the employee, income, period of work. Some countries have additional requirements for the certificate. For example, for a Schengen visa with an initial entry to Italy or Hungary, it is better to write in the certificate that the employee was granted leave during the trip and the place of work is retained. Another specific requirement is a minimum income level. To enter some countries, the monthly income may have to be “finished”. Note that it is risky to store copies of certificates with income that exceeds the official salary of employees in the office. For tax officials, such certificates are another reason to doubt the cleanliness of accounting.

But it is worth paying special attention to the translation of the company name. In English, our abbreviation of the legal form  LLC, CJSC, OJSC  has its own designation –  Ltd, JSC, CJSC,  respectively. At the same time, the name itself, whatever it may be, is not translated.

Now about printing. It does not need to be translated – the certificate may be stamped with any other language text. But if the company has a seal in English, it is better, of course, to put it.

Certify the certificate with the signature of the head or head of the personnel department. But you should not endorse your certificate with your own hand (for example, the director himself) – they may not believe it at the embassy.