Translation of Agreements and Contracts

A contract is an agreement between two or more persons, drawn up in the prescribed manner. There are many contracts. Consider, for example, an employment contract.

When is an employment contract translation required?

An employment contract regulates the relationship between an employee and organizations or a person providing work – an employer. In the case of working abroad or in a foreign or joint company, the document can be drawn up in English, German or another language. Then it becomes necessary to translate the employment agreement so that the parties competently agree on cooperation.
In another case, the translation of an employment contract is necessary when working remotely in a foreign company (for example, in the areas of programming, design, architecture) in order to submit a declaration to the Federal Tax Service when paying taxes.

Translation of Agreements and Contracts


The employment contract and, accordingly, the translation of the document describes the subject of the contract – the type of work performed, the rights and obligations of the parties, the validity period, guarantees and compensations, the terms of remuneration, the alternation of work and rest time, the procedure for terminating the contract, addresses and details of the parties. The document requires the parties to comply with certain agreements and provides for the possibility of being held liable for failure to comply with the clauses of the contract (legal settlement of labor disputes).
The translation of an employment contract refers to legal documents. It is advisable to entrust it to professional translators who take into account the specifics of translating clients’ personal data, geographical names, displaying dates, and also use business style and legal vocabulary. A qualified legal translation uses historical forms and speech patterns adopted in a certain language, and an inexperienced translator (a student or a person who speaks a spoken language) simply cannot know all the intricacies of translating legal documents.
If you need a translation of an employment contract into English, German or other European languages, as well as from a foreign language into Russian, please contact the professionals of Legal Service Translation (LST) Translation Agency.


Translations made by Legal Service Translation (LST) Translation Bureau provide an unambiguous interpretation of the content of the document and do not distort its original meaning. Everyone understands that the presence of semantic errors in the translation can lead to financial and time losses.
Our translators have extensive experience working with legal documents, have a solid knowledge of grammar and vocabulary in a language pair, and also have a perfect business style, which is indispensable in legal translations.
Services of translation of an employment contract in our translation agency are evaluated as a translation of a text document and are paid according to the accepted rates, which can be found on the page “Prices for services” (enter the name of your section on the site).
You can get a correct translation of an employment contract into English or Russian within 1-3 days, depending on the size of the document and your needs. We will translate the employment agreement efficiently, quickly and professionally.

The information provided in the contract is subject to the confidentiality policy. Since most of the contracts are regulated by law,  the legal translation  of the contract falls under the procedure  of notarization . Such documents are distinguished by the indication in them of the passport data of the parties to the contract, the addresses of individuals and organizations. This means that the company providing translation services is under an obligation not to disclose the information provided in the contract.  Over the past ten years, Legal Service Translation (LST) Translation Agency has earned a reputation as a reliable partner, which allows clients to have no doubts about maintaining the confidentiality of personal and commercial information.

Translation of contracts, contracts and agreements belongs to the category of legal translations, which is one of the most difficult topics for translation.
The complexity of translating such documents lies in the fact that it is necessary to correctly select legal expressions, wordings, clichés, while maintaining a strictly consistent style of the text as much as possible and adhere to the norms of the legal language.

An accurate translation of a contract, agreement or agreement is very important in terms of mutually beneficial and long-term relationships between companies, so they should be prepared only by highly qualified specialists who have vast experience in translating such documents. In this area, mistakes are extremely unacceptable, otherwise it can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Translation of contracts  may be needed both in the private sector (lease agreement, employment contract, marriage certificate, loan agreement or sponsorship agreement) and in commercial activities (partnership contracts, service contracts, association contracts, insurance policies, etc.). e.)

When translating legal documents, the translator must follow certain rules:

  • Literacy of translation. The translated text must comply with the norms of the literary and legal language, without assimilation to the grammatical and syntactic structures of the original language.
  • Accuracy. All provisions of the original document should be stated clearly, concisely, without any unnecessary comments and inserts.
  • Accuracy. All abbreviations, footnotes, provisions, figures, explanations present in the original text must be presented in the translated text accordingly. Any error can go sideways when considering a document.

We are ready to translate an agreement, contract, agreement and other legal documents as soon as possible in strict accordance with your wishes. Most often, when translating contracts, contracts and agreements, the “two columns” format is used. The text of the original is placed on the left side of the A4 sheet, and the translation is placed on the right side. This makes the document easy to read and sign.

Our goal is to form long-term cooperation with our customers, so all translations are carried out by us as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the numbers listed on the site. We know and understand how much time it takes to complete and submit documents anywhere. Especially if these documents still need to be translated into another language. The team  of the translation agency “Legal Service Translation (LST)”  in Minsk really appreciates you, your nerves, time and resources.

At your request, we can also certify translations of agreements, contracts and agreements by a notary or by the seal of the Legal Service Translation (LST) translation agency. Whatever type of translation you need, you can always be sure that Legal Service Translation (LST) Translation Agency will complete the order quickly and efficiently.


Why is it worth contacting a translation agency?

The specificity of business translations is that the person responsible for this must not only understand the field of a foreign language, but also have knowledge about the features of various legal systems of different countries, their customs and culture. All this requires high qualifications and experience, which can only be guaranteed by a professional translation agency.

Will I be able to present the document translated by you to a notary public for certification?

The translation agency in Manchester “Legal Service Translation (LST)”  has all the necessary certificates that confirm the qualifications of our translators, so there will be no problems with notarization of documents. Also, we ourselves can certify the translation of the document for you.

Do you translate the contract into English?

We can legally translate the contract into English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and many other European languages. Legal Service Translation (LST) Translation Agency works with 120 European languages, so you can always choose the language pair you need. We also have the opportunity to involve native speakers for translation.

Can you translate tender documents?

With us, you can count on accurate and prompt translation of tenders. As a rule, in this case, the volume of work is quite large, therefore, for the translation of tender documents, a whole group of specialists is assembled to work together on a specific project.