Transcription Translation Services

Certified Transcription is a process of converting or translating something into written or printed or text format. Legal Service Translation (LST) provides the best affordable transcription translation services for its clients in the region. Our certified professionals quickly transcribe your recordings according to the given requirements to fulfill your needs. Every transcriber of the LST team has an exceptional command of the English language along with the sufficient skills needed to fully explore your specific industry terminologies.

You may normally opt to translate your transcriptions for the following purposes:

  • Better understand the full wording or context
  • General clarification
  • Legal proceedings
  • Medical procedures
  • Documentation purpose
  • Training or translation

Our Transcription Translation Services include:

Video Transcription

The professional transcriptionists of Legal Service Translation (LST) can rapidly and precisely transcribe audio, of any video recording, into its written version provided by our client. We can also translate this transcription into different languages according to your requirements.

Our global team of trained and certified professionals works hard around the clock. We can handle any project under our video transcription services, regardless of subject, length, or language, scope, or complexity because we know that your projects come from different demographic locations in diverse shapes and sizes.

We provide sufficient space for data uploads to avoid any inconvenience. You can also easily send your files via email. We have no problem at all if you choose to send hard copies to our mailing address.

Audio Transcription

Audio transcription services are considered one of the hardest types because the expert cannot read the facial expressions or lips movements of the speaker. The legal Service Translation (LST) team is available for your assistance to transcribe an audio file professionally for any purpose. We have widely experienced certified audio transcriptionists in terminology management to handle all kinds of subject matters.

Our expert team of multi-lingual transcribers can convert your audio recordings to text for different projects including presentations, lectures, doctor/patient notes, scientific findings, dictations, interviews, etc.

Our quality services include:

  • Accuracy
  • Completion
  • Speed / Efficiency

LST transcriptionists are highly trained to understand what is being said in the recording. Our experienced audio staff members are fully aware to handle any issue regarding file quality and background noise along with, due to perfect command and professionalism in their work.

Legal Transcription

Legal Service Translation offers accurate and certified legal transcription translation services to its clients. Our specialised team is fully experienced to deal with Police / Criminal Evidence tapes, witness statements, court transcriptions, and any other kinds of legal documents. Our legal transcribers are determined to deliver quality work with high customer satisfaction.

We prefer to carry out all works by ‘mother tongue’ transcribers with a minimum of 5 years experience in the relevant industry.

We accept all range of audio data including mini or micro-cassettes, VHS video, as well as electronic data such as CDs, DVDs, MP3s, MP4s, WAV, etc. Our skilled certified transcribers are fully proficient to handle foreign language material to translate into any required language.

Medical Transcription

To complete medical transcription accurately, efficiently and on time, our experienced medical transcriptionists have all required familiarity with the medical systems, related vocabulary, and knowledge of medical terminology.

Our professional medical transcribers are equipped with the industry knowledge required to perform quick and accurate medical transcription jobs. We discourage the use of speech recognition software and always prefer real-human to deal with every transcription project undertaken by Legal Service Translation (LST).

Privacy and confidentiality are also essentially valued by us when dealing with sensitive medical information. Additionally, we have never ever missed a deadline so you must not be worried about its on-time delivery.

Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim Transcription Translation Services is a word-for-word record of what was actually spoken by the speaker. It is originally a full transcript of the audio file in its entirety with space-filler words such as mmm’s & errr’s removed.

But it can include things like:

  • False starts
  • Stutters
  • Repetitions
  • Any description of background noises
  • Description of the emotional states, such as laughing, crying, speaking softly etc.
  • Sighs, coughs, or sneezes may also include

and so on..

Our experienced transcribers are well trained to translate the worst audio quality by accurate understandability due to their vast experience. If you really want word-to-word every little detail, then this is the best service offered at the platform of Legal Service Translation (LST).

Intelligent Transcription

Intelligent Transcription Translation Services takes the editing of a transcript even one step further by completely excluding any indication of stuttering, the thinking process, emotions, or pauses.

Sometimes you want an exact transcript, even then you don’t really want every little noise in the recording written down on paper. We remove these irrelevant expressions, aim to deliver cleaner and easier to read transcripts because full 100% verbatim transcripts can be terribly difficult to digest, with everything from coughs, the door creaking, and even sneezing recorded in the written word.

Professional transcribers of Legal Service Translation (LST) will edit the text in an intelligent way to convey the message with more clarity. Such transcription may also involve some slight paraphrasing of what was actually said, therefore we have highly skilled and qualified transcribers to handle this type of transcriptions.