Language services in the manufacturing field assist in lower costs by overcoming time & resources spent on miscommunication errors. Reducing language barriers can make sure that manufacturing industries have the language skills they require to stay competitive, which can positively affect revenue.

Scope of language services in the manufacturing industry;

Manufacturing is a broad field that is constantly changing in terms of the technology used & innovation, the industrial & consumer products generated, and the countries where the industries are managed.

As per a recent study; the United States, China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and India are currently responsible for 60% of the world’s manufacturing gross domestic product (GDP), but even more countries from the Asia-Pacific region are predicted to become manufacturing powerhouses in the upcoming future.

These regions’ geographic difference also ensures linguistic diversity; all of the top 6 manufacturing countries have various native languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Korean, & Hindi) and work with suppliers and clients in other countries that speak even more type of languages.

From working with suppliers in various countries to training employees to ensuring customer service assistance, manufacturing companies benefit enormously from interpreting and language services. Here are a few of the most compelling examples of how language and language services are required for global manufacturing.

Four benefits of language services in Manufacturing Companies;

  1. Miscommunication errors & flaws drain time and resources. Language services in the manufacturing field assist in lower costs by overcoming time and resources spent on miscommunication flaws.
  2. Mitigating language barriers can ensure that manufacturing companies have the language skills they require to stay competitive, which can positively impact revenue.
  3. Ensuring language services are helpful for compliance with related legislation & industry standards.
  4. Implementing exact language access assists manufacturing companies to run more greatly and safely.

Language Services in the Manufacturing Industry: Who We Help

There are many languages currently spoken in our country. Legal Service Translation (LST) serves the manufacturing industry with next-level language services to ensure that your clients, customers, and workforce have the language support they require. Here are some primary areas of the manufacturing industry that prefer language services:

  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Textile Products Manufacturing
  • Clothing & Apparel Manufacturing
  • Computer & Electronic Product Manufacturing
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Automotive related Manufacturing
  • Furniture and Related items manufacturing
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Ventilation Manufacturing
  • Heating and Air-Conditioning Manufacturing
  • Commercial Manufacturing
  • Service Industry Manufacturing
  • Agricultural Manufacturing

 Typical Translated Documents for the Manufacturing Industry;

  • Technical Materials such as; user manuals, safety documents, reports
  • Marketing Materials such as; promotional information & brochures
  • Packaging & Labeling
  • Legal Materials such as; contracts, user agreements, and licenses
  • Vital Forms
  • Written Notices
  • Signs & Notifications
  • Written Communications
  • Documents a& Communications for Limited-English Proficient Workforce

Manufacturing Translation and Interpretation Solutions;

When language hurdles arise, you require a language services provider that can respond to the requirements of your organization in a quick way. Transportation translation & interpretation services come with the solutions you prefer to upgrade your communication with limited English proficient clients, customers, & the workforce at every step of the journey. LST Certified interpreters are always available for you.

  • Telephonic interpretation
  • Video remote interpretation
  • on-site interpretation
  • Document Translation


LST services assist manufacturing businesses by eliminating language barriers by ensuring high-quality language services in more than 300 languages. Manufacturing translation & interpretation services assist businesses in increasing customer satisfaction and complying with government rules & regulations and industry standards.


 Why are Manufacturing Companies switching to LST?

  • Superior-Trained & Certified Interpreters
  • Translations Performed by Subject-Matter professionals
  • Compliant with Government rules & regulations, also Industry Standards
  • On-Demand Language Services:
  • Services Over-the-phone & Video Remote
  • Free translation Service Trial Programs
  • Best-in-field Call Volume Discount Plans


Role of language services in the manufacturing industry; Why is it helpful for employees?

Most companies need certain types of paperwork for their workforce, such as; HR documents detailing job descriptions, advantages, and employee expectations – which should ensure in the employees’ native language. Manufacturing is no exception and demands a subset of innovative documents for the manufacturing industry.

In the manufacturing field, safety is paramount, especially when working with heavy industrial tools and machines. As a result, the workforce must undergo rigorous training to prevent any risk and assurance safety standards and reduce the risk of injury.

Training materials such as; a manual, an in-person presentation, a series of videos, or any combo thereof should be provided in the workforce’s native languages to ensure comprehension.

Furthermore, as technologies like cloud computing, robotics, and 3D printing get more of a foothold in the manufacturing field, employees will need to learn how to utilize these new tools. Using the tools correctly can also boost productivity and lead to better quality control, So language services are essential to increase the security measures in the industry.