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How to Become a Translation Project Manager

    If you’re planning on becoming a translation project manager, you’re in the right place. Let’s talk about how to become a translation project manager. What it takes to get there, and the benefits of being one. This includes topics such as how to become a translation project manager, how much it pays, the […]

Key competencies of qualified medical translator

  Qualified medical translator helps communicate between a healthcare professional and a patient who does not speak the same language. He must be fluent in both languages. A medical interpreter differs from a medical translator because his work is oral rather than written. So, he may act as an independent businessman or work for an […]

Importance of body language in interpreting:  

  What is body language? Body language is the hidden display of communication that we employ to disclose our actual feelings and enhance our message’s impact. Communication includes far more than just words. Non-voice clues, including tone of voice, gestures, and posture, all play a role. A comfortable body expression that bursts into a genuine smile […]

What Is The Difference Between Translation Memory and A Glossary?

  Most of the time, we get so close to translation & localization projects. And we forget that not everyone knows the technology and tools we use during the process. For example, we sometimes get ourselves describing the difference between Translation Memory and a glossary or terminology database. In this blog, we’ll discuss the functionality […]

How to use Interpretation for negotiations and Interpretation for the exhibition

  Interpretation plays an important role in business negotiations when people don’t speak the same language and need help understanding each other. For this purpose, it’s vital to find an interpreter who has a great command of both languages and experience in negotiation situations. He will also do his best to help you reach an […]

How to Obtain Certification as a Medical Interpreter

  In today’s world, a medical interpreter plays a vital role in healthcare. Due to immigration, the need for medical interpreters is increasing daily. Because foreigners cannot speak and understand non-native languages, there is a need for a certified medical interpreter who has proficiency in both English and the target language. Role of medical interpreter […]

How to Conduct Website Localization?

  A typical mistake with Website Localization  is to regard the translated material as just another version of the original language pages. Not all communication is translated. Of course, the content is everything for the user: Is the information relevant, clear, and appropriate for the user’s cultural setting? When choosing to build and maintain a […]

Features of medical translation: problems of translation of medical texts

  The primary guideline for every translation is the exactness of the source text transfers into the target language. The difficulty of this endeavor increases when dealing with particular professional materials. Medical translation places even greater demands on the translator because errors could result in a wrong diagnosis or jeopardize a patient’s life. Therefore, the […]

Why are Chinese Translations So Difficult?

  More than 1.4 billion people speak Chinese as a first language, making it the most widely used language in the world. Unexpectedly, it is also regarded as one of the hardest languages for beginners. There are various causes, including that Mandarin only has 80,000 characters, and its tonal characteristic makes Chinese translations particularly difficult. […]

Why do Global Businesses Need Legal Translation Services?

  Due to its application in the legal field, legal translation is a very particular type of translation. It combines a thorough understanding of the source and target languages with a grip on legal jargon. At some point, both businesses and private individuals may seek translation agencies. Most global business owners know they will require […]