Certified Translation Services Manchester


Translation Services

Legal Service Translation – LST is an established, professional translation company, with an excellent reputation within the language industry for its certified translation services. Our translators are all specialists, working in their mother tongues to provide professional translations. We are able to offer a complete range of high quality language and translation services. Our reputation is based on our long-standing commitment to quality and service. With our considerable experience, we can provide added value and a complete translation solution.

Interpreting Services

Law court interpreting is one of the most complex and challenging tasks that one can ever undertake and that is what precisely Legal Service Translation does by providing competent interpreters in over 800 languages nationwide. All interpreters are familiar with the court procedures and have signed a code of conduct with the company to provide best certified translation services.

You may instruct Legal Service Translation to assist:
Law Court
Industrial tribunal
Police station
Hospital or clinic
Business meeting at a conference
We provide interpreting and cheap translation services in Manchester. Good quality sound files enable the best transcription possible. Electronic files are preferred since they provide the quickest and easiest formats to work with and can be uploaded securely to our website. The two services can of course be combined so that the end result is both what was said, but now in
written format, as well as the translation.


We can work with any of the following:
Video transcription (VHS)
Cassette transcription
Microcassette / minicassette transcription
Wav transcription
Minidisc transcription
Interview transcription
Mp3 transcription
conference transcription
CD transcription
Focus group transcription
DVD transcription
Windows Media Player transcription
Real Player transcription

Contact us today to discuss your requirements in detail. 0800 389 8506
We have an extensive database of interpreters and we can provide local interpreters.