Same Day Translation Service

The term “same-day translation” is also called 24-hour translation. We give these rapid and super rapid services with the help of our subject matter experts. People usually prefer this type of same-day document interpretation when they need to submit legal documents quickly. A qualified and licensed LST translator who is fluent in both native and target languages can produce the translation per day with accuracy and reliability.

In most cases, most people turn to an automatic translation service to accomplish their translation task for free in a single day. However, the outcome of that language will result in the rejection of your translated documents. For this reason, all of the legal documents we present always include a signed declaration with a seal, including the translated one. However, in an emergency, people who lack knowledge choose an automatic translation, which doubles their labour

Birth Certificate Translation Service

Urgent translation is required when an emergency request occurs, necessitating the rapid translation of a text from one language into some before the time ends. So, you can confidently rely on same day translation services of Legal Service Translation LST!

There are several causes why you should use same-day translation service:

  • For translations applying for the visa
  • For obtaining a license
  • For claiming public benefits
  • For civil and criminal legal actions
  • For educational institutions that demand certified legal translations of foreign candidates’ application paperwork.
  • For urgent visa delivery
  • For any urgent documentation

We offer same-day translation services for all the above-listed cases in a cost-effective package. So, call us today at 08003988506/01612035696! Or write us at:!