Language Services for Police Departments

Why Police Interpreters are Essential for Public Safety?

Millions of people in the United Kingdom speak a language other than English. According to the 2011 united kingdom census’s Survey, more than 20% of UK residents speak a language other than English at home, and 8% of its population cannot speak English fluently.

At the same time, this diversity is an essential part of the United Kingdom that can make legal matters more complicated. Because of this diversity, it is necessary to have police interpreters in large communities of foreigners. Language services for police departments are crucial in removing language barriers that can negatively influence public services. Language services for police departments lead to better public safety outcomes and help law enforcement agencies build stronger relationships and positively impact the public.

Language Services for Police Departments

What does a Police Interpreter do?

A Police interpreter has the proper training to face different situations and challenges so that the law enforcement agency or police can get accurate information.

How vital are police interpreters?

An interpreter must be essential to communicate with suspects, witnesses, and victims of crime if they speak a language other than English.

The police force could not do its job without police interpreters because many people needs Police and CPS Interpretation. Because police officers can’t communicate with these individuals, investigations will never be fair. This risk can eliminate with the help of a police interpreter.

Impacts of Poor Communication in Police Departments:

  1. Poor communication can lead to public scrutiny and loss of public trust in police.
  2. Improper communication errors waste time and limited resources.
  3. Poor communication has a negative impact on public safety.
  4. Delays in investigation and miscommunication errors lead to unnecessary visits that affect the productivity and efficiency of law enforcement agencies
  5. Reducing the involvement of immigrants and refugees in need of law enforcement services will negatively affect the reputation of the police department.

7 Ways Language Support Positively Impacts Police Departments

1.) Increase the resources & cuts down on time and resources spent dealing with miscommunication errors and faults.

2.) Achieve and upgrade government compliance & regulatory compliance with related legislation, such as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI), Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), The Joint Commission, Homeland Security & Natural Disaster and Border Contingencies.

3.) Enhance the efficiency & productivity of police departments

4.) Aids in a positive response to problems concerning public safety

5.) Foster community integration in immigrant, refugee & LEP communities

6.) Boost staff adoption and overcome staff frustration

7.) Enables law enforcement agencies to create a higher level of trust in the community

Working with Professional Remote Police Interpreters;

The work of our police department is essential for public safety, and it’s imperative when using language services for police departments that only qualified & fully vetted interpreters undertake police assignments, regardless of whether it’s face-to-face, telephonic, or through remote video interpreting.

Professional interpreters working with remote police departments have experience interpreting in this work environment and are trained in the unique terminology. Suppose a qualified interpreter is not utilized and the interpreting is not conducted to a satisfactory standard. In that case, it could result in a communication breakdown, violation of rights, rules & regulations, and the breakdown of points.

Language Services for Police Departments: How LST Can Help?

When language hurdles arise in law enforcement settings, you require a language services provider company that can respond quickly & appropriately to serve the requirements of your community.

Legal Service Translation comes up with the solutions you require to level up communication with non-English speakers at every touchpoint while maintaining and boosting compliance with the law & government regulations.

Certified LST interpreters are available 24/7, 365 days a year. LST offers comprehensive Language & interpreting Services in support of local, national, or global needs that support the missions of the military, law enforcement, and homeland & national security companies, among others.

Why are language services for police departments important?

Professional police interpreters have the excellent experience & training to control situations so that the police or law enforcement agency can collect information accurately while safeguarding the rights of non-English speakers, the Deaf, and the Hard of Hearing people.

Why is Grammar Important in public safety?

Having a great understanding of basic grammar & spelling skills is essential in passing your police test and your future role as a law enforcement officer or safety manager. It will be up to you, for example, to write appropriate and perfect reports of given crime scenes. That’s why grammar is essential in language services for the police department.

Why is language interpretation meaningful?

Language interpretation can come up with the exponential potential for traveling the world. With language interpretation skills, geographic restrictions fade for travelers when communication with many people who speak various languages is possible.