Interpreting Service

Legal Service Translation (LST) provides high-quality interpreting service in over 3000 languages. With LST, an interpreter is just a call away. We have a team of highly trained and certified interpreters working for us to assist you in any legal, commercial, or private capacity.

We strongly believe in morals and ethics, so all the information shared will remain confidential. All the interpretations are carried out professionally. LST believes in building a strong professional relationship with our clients and legal firms. We provide the best interpreting service and customer support at the most cost-effective rates for our customers to rely on us.

Our Interpreting Service includes:

Telephone Conference

  • Telephonic interpretation services allow you to interpret for individuals who do not share a common language.
  • Phone interpreting service is developed as a quick way to communicate without language barriers.
  • Telephone interpreter service is convenient and solves language problems.

Video Conference

  • Advanced technology is used to provide video interpreting services.
  • It is used to provide a better solution to language obstacles during video conferencing.
  • Video conference interpretation can be useful in remote locations where good interpreters are not available physically.

Court Interpreting

  • Court interpreting service is associated with making the client understand the courts’ procedures without language issues.
  • The court interpreter is a conduit between non-English and English-speaking personals in the legal capacity.
  • The interpreter should convey the matter to the jury of the court that there are no biases towards the non-English speaker.

Legal Interpreting

  • Legal interpreting service is used to interpret legal documents such as laws, statutes, contracts.
  • It is a contentious process.
  • In some cases, the legal interpretation depends on the literal reading of the official legal document.

Simultaneous Interpreting

  • Simultaneous interpretation is highly effective in large-scale meetings.
  • Advanced equipment is used to provide professional simultaneous interpreting services.
  • Multiple interpreters are used in simultaneous interpretation, so the quality remains top-notch.
  • A highly trained interpreting team is used by LST to carry out the tasks

Consecutive Interpreting

  • Consecutive interpreters are useful during presentations.
  • Legal Service Translation (LST) uses highly trained interpreters in this type of consecutive interpretation.
  • Consecutive interpretation services are most commonly used in court meetings, question-answer sessions, press conferences, and interviews.

Whispering Interpreting

  • Whispering interpretation service is helpful when there are only one or two people who do not know the source language.
  • It is more useful in small-scale short meetings.
  • The certified interpreter uses a low vocal tone to maintain the decorum of the surroundings.
  • No advanced technology is used in whispering interpretation.

Liaison Interpreting / Community Interpreting

  • Community Interpreting is a bilateral interpretation.
  • Liaison Interpreting is useful in informal meetings.
  • Liaison Interpreting service is used in community services to create awareness.
  • This interpretation can also be carried out via a video link or telephone by Legal Service Translation (LST).

Interpreting for Health & Safety or Training Courses

  • This interpretation is mostly used to train health care workers.
  • It is useful during camps or training tours.
  • The professional interpreters used are usually associated with the healthcare sector.