Certified Driver's License Translation

We carry out of a driver’s license translation with certification from any language. Verification without queues. Just send us the document through the form below and come for the translation.

Driver’s license translation into a foreign language or in English is a service that has become increasingly popular over the past few years, as more and more citizens of the UK Federation traveling abroad do not want to part with the opportunity to use road transport during their tourist or business trips. In many countries of the world, driving a vehicle requires a translation of a driver’s license, and our agency’s clients can receive this service in a short time, in compliance with all norms and requirements.

Certified translation of driving license

The car gives the owner the freedom of movement, and in our time, traveling abroad in your car has become a completely common situation. However, each country has its own rules for issuing a driver’s license, allowing you to drive vehicles on its territory.

In order to drive a car on the territory of the UK Federation, you need to make a certified driver’s license translation . Only after this procedure, the rights issued in the territory of another state will be considered valid in UK.

When exchanging a driving license, a translation of the driving license must be submitted to the driving license authority.

What do I need to order a driver’s license translation?

You will need a scanned copy or photo of your driver’s license on both sides. And the image of the document can be sent to the LST’s translators via WhatsApp(+44 7968 263139) or email(admin@legalservicetranslation.com).

How to get a ready translation?

The finished order is sent by mail or delivered in person when visiting our office .

Urgent certified driver’s license translation

All written translations of documents can be ordered urgently, including the document for the right to drive transport. Terms and conditions are negotiated individually .

Who performs the transfer to the driver ‘s license ?

Documents are translated into English or any other Language by legal service translation agency. Qualification information is available on the About us page.

Advice to clients about written translation

We recommend ordering a translation of the document for the right to drive vehicles for submission to the UK authorities from qualified specialists .

How can I be sure that the translation will be correct?

You can learn about our professionalism in general from the  reviews , in the “questions and answers” sections  , etc. The correctness of the translation of a particular document is ensured as follows:

Before starting work, the manager reviews the document and checks with you the spelling of your full name in accordance with the passport, as well as other points that require information from you.

After the driver’s license translation is completed, the translator checks the translation according to the following criteria:

  • completeness of the translation (no gaps);
  • correctness of numbers, numbering;
  • correct spelling of dates, names, numerical values;
  • the identity of the translation / transcription throughout the text of abbreviations, names, names, geographical names.

The employees of our agency are ready to quickly and efficiently translate a driver’s license of any category, both from English into a foreign language, and vice versa. We have extensive experience translating documents of this type and guarantee attention to detail, which is often of fundamental importance for official documents that give the owner the right to drive a vehicle of one kind or another. At the request of the client, the translation can be certified in accordance with the established procedure.