Certificate Translation Services

When it comes to certificate translation services, pin-point precision and accuracy are extremely essential. Legal Service Translation (LST) prides itself on providing outstanding certification services for the clients. Our plans are specially tailored according to your personal needs that won’t put a serious dent in your budget. Our prices are more than fair & justified and our work is flawless.

Usually, agencies prefer to use an automated machine translation tool to translate the text of such certificates from one language to another but in reality, it is not recommended. Because certain terms will get lost somewhere in translation while using those tools and phrasing will become awkward, and confusing. LST offers professional certificate translation services for all languages, helping you to avoid these issues and benefit from certified translations that work.

Our Certificate Translation Services include:

Birth Certificate Translation

Birth certificate translation services offered by Legal Service Translation (LST) are mainly used for immigration and educational purposes. Further, if you are aiming to study abroad, then you will definitely need to translate your birth certificate into the respective countries’ language.

There are some important points like name spelling, address, etc. that you will need to focus on while translating your birth certificate.
You will have to provide complete and accurate information to make the document valid in other languages.

For more information about birth certificate translation, click here

Educational Certificate Translation

Every student arriving from a different country needs to submit educational documents with their application and requires educational certificates translation services if their educational documents are not in the English language. Legal service translation (LST) has well-experienced translators for educational certificates to cater the foreign students coming from various countries for education purposes. After translating your educational degrees, we first send you its draft for approval purposes to make sure the accuracy of the document as well as your satisfaction.

Birth, Death, Marriage and Civil Partnership Certificate Translation

LST offers certified translation services for birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and civil partnership certificates for numerous legal purposes.

You just have to share your purpose of translation and our qualified expert team will advise you on the best available options to fulfill your requirements.

Our clients just need to provide us a copy of certificate by email and that’s all what we need to start your work.

Passport Translation

You can be denied from entering a specific country if your passport is in a language other than required by the related authorities. Every country has the right to defend itself against threats and if they fail to confirm your nationality then you are categorically a threat to them.

You can get your passport translated in the required language, to avoid denied entry, only when you have the required passport translation with you. Legal Service Translation (LST) as a reliable passport translation agency is here to assist you in this regard.

Your passport is evidence of your nationality and it will be useless in a country where a different language is recognized officially than the one used on your passport.

For detailed information, you can visit the immigration website of the state where you are going.

Change of name deed poll Translation

The translations made by the experts Legal Service Translation (LST) are well-acknowledged and accepted by all foreign administrations. You will receive a certified translation, created by one of the sworn translator of our professionals.

Our certified team members strive hard to keep the layout similar to the original, as maximum as possible. We translate the document in accordance with legal standards keeping in view all legislative terms and conditions.

After successfully translating your certificate, we usually email it in PDF format at your given mailing address, but a printed paper can also be provided if requested.

UK court (county court) papers

Our certified Court Translators help you by a complete understanding of the UK Courts, and all other legal institutions, to get the required outcome you need.

Legal Service Translation (LST) offers its services for all official and legal documents that define the relationships between people, businesses, and institutions. The information contained in these official certificates or documents can be very simple or sometimes it can be very complex. If you need to submit a legal institution with a Court Order then it is required to be in the right language and LST is here to rescue our clients in such situations.

Powers of Attorney, Wills, Affidavits, Declarations and Notarial Acts Translation

Legal Service Translation (LST) is trusted to correctly translate Court Orders in over 100 languages for private and professional clients.

Our Court documents Translation Services are rapid, trustworthy, and very economical and more importantly, they’re 100% certified.

Our target is to do more than translate by ensuring that every translated document is formatted exactly like the original with guaranteed authenticity.

Certificates of Incorporation and other paperwork issued by Companies House Translation

If you are going to expand your business in another country, you are most likely to require certified translations of your Companies House documents to get your company registered.

The team of professional translators at LST provides precise translations of official certificates or documents. We have native translators who know the legal technicalities as well as strict rules required while translating such official documents.

The most common documents translated by our experienced certified translators include certificates of incorporation, articles of association, memorandum of understanding, certificates of good standing, and more.

Export Certificate Translation

The export certifications or documents are sometimes very confusing even for seasoned exporters.

Legal Service Translation (LST) does assist its clients through any requirements they may have.

Our certified translators are completely recognised and authorised by the British Chamber of Commerce to issue translated Certificates.